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Polly Platt receiving a medal from
SOS Paris, a conservancy organization.

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Polly Platt

Polly Platt (1927-2008) was the bestselling American author and public speaker whose books tell you all you need to know about handling the French and enjoying France if you're visiting, living or working there. Learn more about Polly Platt.

Polly Platt's first book, French or Foe?, now in its third edition and dubbed the "Bible" for Anglo-Saxons in France by the Financial Times, is a romp through the business, social and cultural complexities of French culture.

French or Foe? was followed by its complement, Savoir-Flair!, 211 Tips for Enjoying France and the French.

Love a la francaise book by Polly Platt

What happens when
Hervé meets Sally?

Polly Platt's latest book,
was published in 2008.

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